Specialty Services


Holidays & Seasonal Homeowners

Pack & Go: Grocery delivery (pre-arrival) we do the provisioning for you. 

When you have left for your holiday we perform an exit cleaning service and prepare your home for your return. Airport transportation available. Snow removal service is also available for private roads & driveways.

Home Watch: Weekly, Bi Weekly, your preference. Home Watch is the most important service you'll need. Having a professional monitor your property increases the security & safety of your home. Should we identify a problem, we will immediately inform you & resolve the issue with your approval.  We offer peace of mind while your away. 

Home Watch Inspections will include but are not limited to the following:

· Check windows, doors, garages & exteriors for any signs of entry

· Ensure air conditioning I furnace is functioning properly

· Make sure all doors, windows, garage locks are secure & locked

· Check for signs of insects, rodents or other pests

· Look for roof or gutter damage, such as mold, mildew, or leaks

· Run the sinks & showers, as well as flush toilets to prevent pipes from freezing

Prevent small issues from becoming costly problems. Certainty that your property is secure.


Pre-Sale & Open House.  Pre-Sale & Open House. We can work with you or through your real estate agent to help quickly prepare your property for the market ( in some cases, increase the home’s value). Where necessary, we can deep clean, tidy, declutter, paint & stage your property too present it at its best before or for the duration of your campaign. It’s well documented that exceptionally clean homes sell faster & for higher prices. 


*Inquire if you need help packing, coordinating movers or storage coordination.

Coordinating pre-move logistics:

· Obtaining certificates of insurance for all vendors.

· Scheduling movers & any other applicable vendors on preferred dates.

· Transfer utilities such as, cable, internet & phone.

· Schedule any other applicable vendors.

· Obtain floor-plans to coordinate items for the day of the move. 

Day of move services:

· On site day of move before the first vendor arrives until after the last vendor leaves.   

· Handle billing, payments including gratuity. You only receive one bill at the end of your move.

· Place furniture in place specified beforehand by client.

· Meet with cable, internet, telephone technicians to ensure all services are installed to the specifications of the client.

Post-move services:

· Follow up on any additional needs of the client. 

· Confirm all utilities & items are working as requested.