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Lifestyle Management



Bend Home Services was founded to provide household management and concierge services for homeowners and their guests. We offer comprehensive year-round property watch services that simplify homeownership by maintaining, preparing and protecting your valuable investment. Along with managing your home, Bend Home Services will ensure that every element of your residence is cared for so that the lifestyle you envision is a reality.


Our goal is to improve the quality and richness of your time spent at your property by protecting your home and freeing you from time consuming tasks. We cater to our client's personal, home or business needs using the highest level of integrity & discretion.


Our services are tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients, please contact us to see how we can provide a personalized service for you.


  Bend Home Services offers premiere comprehensive services to provide balance and simplicity to your life.

Home Management & Lifestyle Management Services that are diverse, affordable and tailored to your needs in 

Bend, Sunriver and the Willamette Valley.

Reliable, experienced personnel with high standards meticulously maintain your home with museum quality cleaning and carefully manage your priorities.

Home Management


Bend Home Services offers several signature services for absentee home owners, year-round residents as well as visitors. Our services are completely customized based on the needs of our owners, their family and guests. 


Lifestyle Management



From walking the dog to running errands, some of the simplest tasks in life can also be the most time-consuming. Give us your "to-do" list, errands, waiting for deliveries, home organization projects & more. 

Concierge services available.

Bend Home Services caters to a clientele that values

our assistance & appreciates our thoughtful professionalism. We look forward to meeting you !